Why handmade shoes?

Truth is, when you buy handmade shoes you also buy something that becomes a part of you. Every little wrinkle and fold on your favourite boot, every tiny scratch on your old lace-ups remind you time always leaves a mark which tells a silent story. A story without words.

Show me your shoes, I’ll tell you who you are is the best saying which explains why you should never neglect what you wear on your feet. Shoes tell so much about ourselves. Where we go often. What we work. How distracted, careful and busy we are, who we are and who we want to be. They tell our comfort zone, our expectations and our confidence. No mirror could be clearer.

When the shoes are handmade, they are made to last in the first place. One should make sure to choose the highest quality Italian leathers, solid leather soles stitched entirely by hand in order to guarantee a strong base to wear your story into. Genuine skins and bottoms do not break but get softer, crease and take shape of your feet. It’s all about starting right.

Shoes like a self-portrait

For the celebration of 10+ years of the George C Toronto boutique in November 2016, a special project of Rocco P. 10 Year Retrospectivewas launched to present the most loved Rocco P. styles actually owned, worn and collected by the boutique’s clients.

Photographed by Jonathan Hooper, the pictures reveal how the shoes have changed over time after years of wearing and what personal sculptures they have actually become. Have a look at all of the portraits!