An average American woman owns 19 pairs of shoes. Even if there is no similar study about the Italian women habits, it is easy to imagine that in the cradle of fashion and style the number could be even higher. However, not always a bigger closet means we will have a right pair of shoes for every occasion.

On the contrary, you often only get confused among Oxford shoes, Chelsea boots and high heel boots when the cornerstone of each wardrobe is missing.

The ankle boot with a chunky heel. Everything else comes afterwards.

Why buy ankle boots?

  • Because they are versatile

If there is a type of shoe that can replace the greatest part of stylesfor the everyday look, it must be the ankle boot with a medium thick heel, not higher than 5-6 centimetres. With the boot it is possible to experiment different variations of casual outfit without having to think about difficult elements to match it with.

Being right in between of chic and sporty, the ankle boot in classic leather is both office appropriate and easy to wear for informal occasions. Shiny textures, prints and rich leathers make the boot the key element for the flattering evening look.

The trick is in the shape: the thick heel gives elegance to the posture without being vulgar.

  • Because they are practical

Originated in the dusty Texas deserts, the boot(ies) protect from sand and dust in hot weather countries. In Europe rainy days with puddles and snow on the streets are way more common: an ideal condition for a shoe with a chunky and comfortable heel to feel secure and stable.

It is not a coincidence that Rocco P. booties have always been the best sold styles in Germany and Scandinavian countries. A beautiful, elegant and comfortable shoe wipes away the doubts, clears the brain and the closet from useless decisions.

  • Because they are good for your health

An ankle boot with a chunky heel is the perfect choice for everyday wear for health reasons. The thick heel guarantees stability and strenght when the foot is placed on the ground. When the heel height is around 5-6 centimetres, the shoe does not affect the back. Moreover, they help to keep the posture straight and healthy.

The boot structure is crucial for the comfort of the foot. When the shoe upper in leather holds the ankle and the upper part of the foot, not only does it keep the foot stable and balanced, but also distributes the weight of the shoe evenly on the whole foot.

The ankle suffers much less when we walk because it is supported by the shaft of the boot.

This is another reason why the boot, if chosen well, can become THE shoe you will not live without.

How to choose the perfect boot?

  • Shape

The first criterion to consider when you are looking for a pair of booties is the shape. Starting from the needs of your foot, the shape of the shoe should follow its natural curve to avoid sprains and painful imperfections caused by discomfort.

Handmade artisan shoes are created to be ergonomic and to respect the anatomy of the foot. Every shape designed by hand is the result of accurate studies and research for comfort. It is the shoe that molds and conforms to the foot, however it does not hurt to consider small physical features when you want to buy a pair of boots.

A long and narrow boot with a pointy toe could be difficult to wear on a wide foot, which would stay more comfortable in a shoe with a round toe. Vice versa, if you are lucky to have a slim and narrow foot, you could experiment with a great variety of shapes.

  •   Sole

The sole supports the whole weight, thus it has to be entirely manufactured of leather, or rather of more compressed layers of leather (not wood!)

Only in this manner it is possible to guarantee the sturdiness and the general longevity of the shoe. Leather soles do not crack, do not break off and are the very base of a good structure of any shoe.

Make sure that the soles are always made of 100% leather. High quality materials make a high quality shoe.

  • Leather

The leather used for the boot, in order to last as long as possible, should be genuine and of the highest quality. Only genuine leathers stretch, extend and mold just enough to hold the foot in the best possible way.

For the same reason they also have to be resistant, preferably tanned with vegetable oils and treated with natural waxes.

  • Lining

If for Stanislavsky “theatre starts with the wardrobe”, in the same way the shoe starts with the lining. Oddly enough, the main value of every type of footwear consists in what is not seen, the inner part, or rather the insole and the lining.

It is essential to make sure that the lining is made of genuine leather/fur. Not only does genuine leather extend the “life” of a shoe, but it is just as much important to maintain the ideal temperature of the foot. Due to the natural leather/fur lining, the foot can breathe without the risk of bacterial growth inside the shoe.

If you still had doubts about what type of shoe will join your closet first, this article should have cleared the main reasons to prefer (first of all!) the ankle boot with a chunky heel.

Extremely versatilepractical and comfortable for every day, if chosen well, the boot can become a real investment which only gets better over time!