Anna Achmatova used to divide people in two categories: the ones who like tea, dogs, Pasternak and Florence and the ones who prefer coffee, cats, Mandelstam and Venice.

Here at Rocco P. the world is composed of the finest traditional craftsmanship with the antique methods of manufacture as well as 40 steps of production passing through a lot of hands which give life and personality to every shoe. This world is reigned by the Italian way of living, meaning seven cups of coffee a day, two hours for lunch, fighting and making peace.

In the same world though there is also a psychedelic and visionary flair which rebels against the barriers and gets mad if senses even a tiniest risk to be controlled.

It’s a continuous flowing of visions that don’t have to be analyzed. You either feel them or not. You either fall in love or hate them, but you never remain indifferent.

Here at Rocco P. we like whiskey, horses, haiku and Berlin and screw Anna Achmatova who could see so little.