Our story

There are the pretty ones and the clever ones.
What happens when fashion meets brains? A unique and unmistakable style, which doesn’t simply complete an outfit, but rather determines it.
It’s irrelevant what trend is going on and it doesn’t belong to others.

It’s intellectual and swims against the stream.

I’m not one of those who only hide themselves behind Made in Italy. Even if it’s a powerful signature, to some the only Italian aspect appears only in the name.

My shoes are for those who are looking for something more than just a comfortable accessory.

They make you think.

With a pair of shoes you also buy the whole of Italy with the very best traditional craftsmanship, with our cheek kissing and our love for life. The Rocco P. collection was born right here, in Torre San Patrizio, among espresso steam and hard-working people I can trust, and most importantly, on the land where I was born and on the land I could die for. This is the only way for my creations to live forever and avoid banal and predictable solutions.

There are the pretty ones and the clever ones.

And then there are the Pondering ones.

Poetic. Picturesque. Positive.