Exclusively for your information!

It’s been known that my shoes are quite loose and therefore I often have to face pseudo-complaints (especially from my new customers) regarding the fact that when worn my shoes turn out to be excessively loose-fitting.

I find it relevant to emphasize that when I project the shape, my calculations are intentional and are based entirely on physical comfort.

Also, by all means do I try to avoid the so common situations of coming home late, taking the shoes off and sighing with relief for your swollen feet hurt too much.

Hence, it is necessary to remember that our feet show the real size only early in the morning and that they tend to become from half a size to one size larger during the day, no matter what kind of job or daily habits we have.

Thus, to calculate it at the initial design stage means also to avoid both aesthetic feet deformities and more serious health issues such as problems with the spinal column, blood circulation and muscles.

When you try on a pair of my shoes at the store don’t be surprised if the usual size you wear seems slightly looser than others.

It’s just to make you feel better.

P.S. A shoe isn’t just a hole to tuck your foot in!