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Shoe Passport for Sneakers and Reverso


For the current and the next two seasons, inside every sneaker and Reverso shoe there will be an Identity Chip which once scanned with a smartphone (embedded with the NFC technology) launches an automatic App with a detailed explanation of the manual shoe making process.

Usually all smartphones already have the NFC technology which opens automatically when it recognizes the Identity Chip. For some models though (such as Iphone) the NFC App should be first downloaded manually.

To launch the App it is enough to approach the smartphone to the indicated spot under the sole of the shoe, right under the waist if it is a Reverso model. The Shoe Passport of the sneakers is hidden under the toe cap from above. The App will load you a landing page where you will find a presentation of the shoe and a video which shows how it is manufactured.

The Shoe Passport was created to make your shoes unique, to avoid the risk of counterfeit and to highlight the entirely local product, produced and assembled entirely in the factory in Torre San Patrizio. The Rocco P. Shoe Passport is the expression of genuiness and authenticity of the history of Handmade in Italy. Indeed, it embraces both tradition and innovation to keep it alive and relevant for future generations.

Rocco P. Identity chip inside the shoe

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