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Reverso - the Most Comfortable Shoe Ever


Wearing a Glove on your Foot


Time for REVERSO, the crème de la crème of the Rocco P. assortment.

The manufacturing technique called Reverso is one of the most innovative and creative processes used for handmade shoes.

Reverso (= reversed) means that the stitching stays inside the shoe so that all you’ll see is a perfect clean line with no thread and no glue visible from outside.

This technique is actually a perfect imitation of how clothes are made. Indeed, the stitching is always left inside. Same method applies here, we just join the upper with the sole instead of two pieces of fabric.

Afterwards you have to think of it in terms of a… glove. The shoe is so soft it easily takes shape of your foot. That’s why there’s no better way to make ballerina flats and soft loafers that have to embrace the foot.

It’s ideal for whose feet are far from standard and for everyone who cares for comfort as much as elegance.

Curious about the inside-out process? Let’s take a look at the production steps.

How Reverso is made


1. The sole is set on the shape. The right shape will become left once it’s reversed.

Reverso manufacturing technique - fixing the leather bottom to the shape - Rocco P.


2. The leather upper is heaten and manually glued to the sole.

Reverso technique - preparing the leather shoe upper - Rocco P. 

3. The shoe upper is sewn to the sole.

Reverso technique - manual shoe stitching - Rocco P.


4. Leather in excess is cut away.

Reverso technique - leather in excess is remover - Rocco P.


5. The stitching is hidden. 

Reverso technique - the stitching is covered - Rocco P.


6. The sole is made smooth and flawless.

Reverso technique - the shoe sole is scrubbed to become even - Rocco P.



7. The moment’s come! The shoe is reversed and the opposite shape is put inside to keep it stable. For thicker leather types the shoe is kept in water for a couple of hours before this step, so it is easier to turn it inside out.

Reverso technique - the shoe is reverse from inside out - Rocco P.


8. The shoe is pressed to compact it. 

Reverso technique - the shoe is pressed to compact the bottom and the upper - Rocco P.


9. The heel is applied. 

Reverso technique - manual heel application - Rocco P.


10. Coloured wax is manually applied and now has to dry down.  

Reverso technique - coloured wax is applied manually to the shoe - Rocco P.


11. The shoe gets polished with the brushes and by hand.

Reverso technique - manual polishing to make the shoe shine - Rocco P.


12. The shape is taken out to nail the heel and the shoe is compacted again.

Reverso technique - final compacting of the shoe - Rocco P.


13. The inner leather sole is inserted.

Reverso technique - inner leather sole is inserted - Rocco P.


14. Time for final retouching and airbrushing.

Reverso technique - final manual retouching - Rocco P.


15. Laces, if any, are inserted now and the shoe goes into the box.

Reverso technique - finished shoe goes to the box - Rocco P.


The result? Due to the special construction, the shoe gives your feet enough space where needed so that it becomes your second skin: you will think it was made personally for you.


Reverso technique - finished shoes - Rocco P.


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