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Spring Summer 2017 luxury footwear for women handmade in Italy Rocco P.

Rocco P. Spring/Summer 2017 Women's Collection


With the Spring/Summer 2017 collection being dispatched now to boutiques worldwide, take a look at the very preview of the Rocco P. women's shoes and discover the most exclusive styles entirely designed and handcrafted in Torre San Patrizio.

Dominated by sophisticated creamy and ivory tones, the collection is also full of light created by reflecting candy-wrap-like laminated skins and laser-cut perforations. Sculptural in crackled leathers, smooth suede textures and elasticated fabric, the collection reveals a new approach to footwear through experimenting with unconventional choices of leather and shape.

Comfortable almond toe shapes meet the pointy toe in ballerina flats and chunky clogs; meanwhile the Extralight soles and flexible leather bottoms lift them up towards an airy and vibrant spring mood.

Always closer to art rather than a simply functional object, the shoes embrace the Italian handmade philosophy and the freedom of creativity not guided by any rules.


Chunky ankle boots

This season the evergreen ankle bootie has become lighter thanks to different shades of ivory and beige. The Texas cowboy style boot was presented both in leather and suede, with a new perforated tone-on-tone elastic shaft.   


Ivory leather Texas boot with elastic shaft - Rocco P. ss17

Taupe suede Texas boot with elastic shaft - Rocco P. ss17


Blood red suede booties with a double zipper and leather sole.

Blood red suede ankle booties - Rocco P. ss17


Pointy patchwork multicoloured booties in laminated goat leather.  

Shiny multicolour patchwork ankle booties - Rocco P. ss17


Platinum leather patchwork ankle boot - Rocco P. ss17


Tone-on-tone heels

High heel open sandals in red laminated goat leather.

Shiny red high heel sandals - Rocco P. ss17


Chunky open-toe sandals in ivory calf leather and handpainted ivory sole.

Chunky ivory slingback sandals - Rocco P. ss17


White crackled goat leather booties with a perforated front panel.

White leather perforated booties - Rocco P- ss17


White crackled leather pumps with a front chain.

White crackled leather pumps with front chain - Rocco P. ss17


Chunky middle heel pumps in laminated platinum leather with a black front panel.

Platinum and black chunky pumps - Rocco P. ss17


Comfortable flats in shiny leather

Shiny platinum leather lightweight loafers with tassels and leather bottom.

 Shiny platinum leather loafer - Rocco P. ss17


Pointy toe bicolor and all platinum laceless flats in soft goat leather.

 Gold and black pointy ballerina flats - Rocco P. ss17


Shiny platinum pointy ballerina flats - Rocco P. ss17


Double bottom espadrille slippers with a double front strap in black calfskin and laminated goat leather with a shiny insole.

 Black and platinum espadrilles slippers - Rocco P. ss17


Espadrilles in red laminated goat leather with crocodile print. 

Red laminated espadrilles - Rocco P. ss17


Masculine style lace-ups in rich oil tanned leathers

Double bottom espadrille lace-ups in blood red calf leather.

 Red lace-up espadrilles double bottom shoes - Rocco P. ss17


Goodyear Oxford lace-ups in white and blood red calf leather and handpainted red leather sole.

 White and red Oxford shoes - Rocco P. ss17


Reverso lace-ups in ivory calf leather and handpainted white leather sole.

Reverso ivory lace-up shoes - Rocco P. ss17


Perforations and creative textures for flats

Flexible blue suede loafers with a front metal chain and handpainted blue leather sole.

 Blue suede soft loafers - Rocco P. ss17


Goodyear crackled white perforated goat leather monk-strap shoes with white handpainted leather sole.

 Monk strap white perforated leather shoes - Rocco P. ss17


Goodyear laceless Oxford shoes in dark red horse leather with laser-cut perforations and 100% leather sole. 

Goodyear red perforated laceless shoes - Rocco P. ss17


Lightweight ballerina loafers in perforated beige suede and foamy Extralight bottom.

Light beige perforated ballerina flats - Rocco P. ss17

All-white crackled goat leather lace-up shoes with Extralight bottom. 

Lightweight white leather lace-up shoes - Rocco P. ss17


The new comfortable

College loafer with elastic fabric upper and Extralight bottom. Various colour combinations available, included black and white, black and gold, silver, red and beige.

Black and white College loafer in fabric - Rocco P. ss17


Black and gold College loafer in fabric - Rocco P. ss17


Chunky pointy clogs with a perforated flower and black Extralight bottom. 

Pointy chunky black leather clogs - Rocco P. ss17


Dark red leather crisscross sandals with Extralight bottom. 

Dark red leather crisscross sandals - Rocco P. ss17


Ivory calf leather sneakers with a front strap.

Ivory leather sneakers with front strap - Rocco P. ss17


Laceless sneakers in shiny laminated goat leather with crocodile print and white leather toe.

Light blue shiny laceless sneakers - Rocco P. ss17


Want to try them on? Find the nearest store in Italy, in Europe or outside Europe!  

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